Spin Clinic

Special Spin Clinic

$30 per skater – open to skaters Open Juvenile and above who have already entered other Skate Milwaukee events– attendance is limited.

Coaches are welcomed to participate with their skater in the evaluation.

Skaters will present 3 spins for technical evaluation and advice.

1. Spin in one position. The spin can change feet.

USp , SSp, CSp, LSp

2. Spin with flying entry. Any spin or combination can be performed with this flying entry

3. Spin Combination. The spin must include a minimum of 2 basic positions. The spin can be

performed on one foot or with a change of foot.

Three spin stations will be set on the ice.

1. National Technical Officials will be assigned to each station.

2. The skater (and coach) will be assigned to the starting station. The skater will demonstrate his/her desired spin. The Technical panel will assess the spin and assign a level and basic value to the spin, and recommend changes, if attainable. The skater may repeat the spin with adjustments for confirmation of value and level.

3. The skater (and coach) will move to the next station, to start the next spin.

4. The skater’s session will conclude after the evaluation at the third station.

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